Top 10 Best Video Games 2017

10: Destiny 2

9: Horizon Zero Dawn

8: Mario+Rabbids Kindom Battle


6: Cuphead

5: Persona 5

4: Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus

3: What Remains of Edith Finch

2: Super Mario Odyssey

1: The Legend Of Zelda Breath of the Wild

Top 7 Best Landing Spots In Fortnite

7: Dusty Depot is another popular spot in Fornite, which means you should avoid landing there at all costs. Instead, head south-east of the depot and look for a pair of buildings with chimneys. There you should find up to eight chests filled with weapons and other gear to help you win the match.

6: Located in the centre-top-right region of the island, Tomato Town is a popular spot to land. That means you’ll face a lot of competition if you drop right into town, but you’re better off heading just to the south where several roads converge. Look for a hidden tunnel where you’ll find a few crates before resurfacing in Tomato Town with the gear you need to take on your enemies.

5: The bus always flies over the island starting from the east, so if you can make it to this spot on the western shore you shouldn’t have much competition early on. There are also multiple houses located around the Snobby Shores where you can find weapons and other gear. Just don’t forget to search the basement of each building too for extra loot.

4: The bottom right corner of the map is covered in water, which slows down any players who try to pass through it. That means you won’t run into many enemies on that part of the island, making it a great place to start the match. Once you land, look around for crates and chop down trees for materials. You can also head to the bottom left corner of the Mire, where you should find up to five crates full of a gear near a tower of the stacked car.

3: Head towards Tilted Towers (located in the centre-left of the island) and veer slightly further left to find this landing spot. Keep your eyes peeled for a closed pool and land nearby to find plenty of weapons, gear, and chests. Once you’re stocked up, you can head back to the Tilted Towers to fight other players.

2: If you’re playing on your own head for this isolated spot in the top right corner of the map. You should find multiple weapons and other loot. From there, you can also head west to pick up even more gear. Be sure to keep an eye out for an ice cream truck parked up on a hill, where you’ll find a couple more crates.

1: This is a great secluded spot that’s also got enough loot to arm an entire team. For the best results, try landing on the roof and smashing your way in with your pickaxe.

Top 10 Guns In Fortnite

10: Bolt Action (Blue)

9: Hunting Rifle (Blue)

8: Bolt Action (Purple)

7: RPG (Purple)

6: Heavy Shotgun (Purple)

5: SCAR (Purple)

4: Bolt Action (Legendary)

3: RPG (Legendary)

2: Heavy Shotgun (Legendary)

1: SCAR (Legendary)

Top 15 Best Fortnite Axes

15: Axecalbur

14: Plunja

13: Raiders Revenge

12: Trusty No. 2

11: PermaFrost

10: Thunder Crash (Purple)

9: Oracle Axe

8: Rift Edge

7: Chomp Jr.

6: Party Animals

5: Thunder Crash (Blue)

4: AC/DC

3: Candy Axe

2: Rainbow Smash

1: Reaper

Top 10 Biggest building

10: Shanghai World Financial Centre

9: China Zun

8:Tianjin CTF Finance Centre

7: Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre

6: One World Trade Centre

5: Lotte World Tower

4: Ping An International Finance Centre

3: Makkah Royal Clock Tower

2: Shanghai Tower

1: Burj Khalifa

Top 15 best goals World Cup Goals (Russia)

15: Jesse Lingard goal vs Panama

14: Nacer Chadli vs Japan

13: Cristiano Ronaldo vs Spain

12: Kevin De Bruyne goal vs Brazil

11 Dries Mertens vs panama

10: Toni kroos vs Sweden.

9: Lionel Messi vs Nigeria

8: Angel Di Maria vs France

7: Aleksander Kolarov vs Costa Rica

6: Phillipe Couthinio vs Switerland

5: Ricadio Quaresma vs Iran

4: Denis Cherisshev vs Croatia 

3: Juan Quintero vs Japan

2: Tekashi Inui vs Belgium

1: Benjiman Pavard vs Argintina