August 23

The Monkey Man part one

chapter one

once there was a monkey and his name was Bill, he liked BANANAS! He thought they were YUMMY! He lived with some ‘UMANS! They always gave him BANANAS! “Me want my BANANAS” yelled Bill he was very hungry. Suddenly he felt very sad ” where are my BANANA”  Bill asked

Chapter two

One morning when Bill woke up he went to watch the news, he watched the SHOCKING NEWS!! “hello today on the shocking news we have the report of where are the BANANAS, all the BANANAS are gone.


to be continued…

August 2


The prefix we are using is-


Some of the words begging with this prefix

anti-spam, anticlockwise(the opposite of the way in which the  clock goes), anti-plague, antidote, anti-competitive, anti-shoplifting.

Auto (something done with out thinking)

autobiography, autobiographer,autopilot,automobile, auto-radiography.

Fictional ones

Autobots* (a giant robot that can turn into a vehicle they choose)


dislike, disfunction, disorder, disagree, disagreed.




June 21


Once there was a boy, named Seth, Seth Melton. He had blue eyes and blond hair. He Loved dragons, when he was reading his favorite book, Steve and the Dragons, he found a mysterious amulet with a dragon crest on it. ” Seth come down for dinner!” His mum yelled from the kitchen. Seth hid the amulet under his bed.Image result for amulet with dragon crest

That night, whoosh! Their was a bright blue light and Seth himself in a mysterious land full of dragons! “What the heck!” Seth yelled. He was in Steve and the Dragons!

Seth trudged through the harsh environment of Eaghonde, the land of the Dragons for five days with only a half a litre water bottle and a little bit of droots, dragon roots, which he found on his journey, you see, he is an expert on Steve and the Dragons and, after all he did get sucked into it. After another two days off walking Seth found a clearing, and he thought he was being watched. When he turned around he saw something moving, and then he saw him, Steve, from Steve and the Dragons. “Hello their,” he said ” What is your name.” Steve asked

“S-S-Seth.” he finally said because of all the shock and tiredness of: walking seven days which made him real tired

After that they set camp and agreed they would go to the lair of Critius, the lava dragon because every time the amulet brings someone here it shatters and goes to three different places each guarded by different dragon.Image result for volcanic lair for dragons“Errrr.”

“Come one.” Yelled Steve. As they finally got moving too the lair of critius. “So too get to the lair of critius you have to through the Dark Forest, the icy wastelands of Snowspell and the poisonous  bog of Byoak”

“POISONOUS!” Yelled Seth

“Well Byoak is last so we will cross that brige when we get to it” So they just keep on walking, until they reached the dark forest.


“Wop, that will be the skull crawlers, RUN!” Steve screamed

They ran faster than ever ran before, the skull crawlers could smell them. They finally reached  the end of the Dark Forest. “Tick-a-tick-a-tick-a-tick,”  they could see Snowspell just over the two hills “we have to move further away from the dark forest or the skull crawlers could still get us, being out of the dark forest drains their life force but that does not mean the won’t come out for food.” Exclaimed Steve, so they moved to a den in the middle of the Dark Forest and Snowspell “Tick-a-tick-a-tick.”

“So do we now go to Snowspell?” Asked Seth

“Yes we do,” said Steve

“Do you by any chance know any creature that lives in their?” Questioned Seth

“Only one….Mulyte, a giant lizard with huge spikes on it body. But i have got a plan, here take this if it pops it squirts poisonous liquid that kills on touch.Don Don Donnnnnnnnn! I added that for dramatic effectImage result for giant lizard fantasy“TICK-A-TICK-A-TICK-A-TICK.”

“Crud their it is quickly through your bags of poison!” Steve yelled. The Mulyte thrashed every were but finally it fell not moving. “We should use it huge body for shelter.

“Now we go to Byoak were the Spideameox live. Lets go.”

When they finally got to Byoak they had to put on there gas masks so they would not get sick. They silently creep through Byoak, then suddenly a huge Spideameox came crashing though Byoak.

“Oh hell nah, RUN.” Said Steve they tore through Byoak not looking back and then finally they came to the foot of the lair of Critius, “look there’s Critius, and the amulet” Seth remarked

“Okay we have to go in quietly.” said Steve, so they crawled up the mountain and when the got up they saw Critius was sleeping with the amulet at this feet. Critius had the amulet in a cage made out of bones so they use a prototype weapon steve called Wretched Jewel an amethyst with an enchantment that made it shoot a purple beam” Kaboom!” The cage smashed and Seth caught the fragment of the amulet and then Critius’s spell lifted and he became Seths loyal servant for he rest of his life

The endRelated image


June 19



Chelsea football club is a professional Soccer or Football club in London, England.

Starting 11 {XI}

LW: Hazard ST: Giroud RW: Willian

CM: Fabregas CM: Bakayoko

CDM: Kante

LB: Alonso CB: Rudiger CB: Luiz RB: Moses

GK: Coutrois

Formation 4-3-3 {Defence}

Substitutes: Cabellero, Zappacosta Morata, Loftus- Cheek and Cahill

Coach: Antonio Conte


Chelsea logo image result for chelsea logo 2018


Chelsea FC started in 1905 way after all the other teams E.G:

Liverpool and Manchester United {Man Spew}

Best Midfielders: Salah, De Bruyne and Robben

Best Strikers: Crespo, Guulit, Drodba and Hazard {or Hazardous, because you can’t go near him}

Best Defenders: Cole and Luiz

Best Keeper: Cech and Coutrois

History {Best Transfers}

Eden Hazard- Losc Lille- Chelsea

Oliver Giroud- Arsenal-Chelsea

Davide Zappacosta-Torino- Chelsea

N’golo Kante – Leicester

Possible Transfers

Ronaldo- Real – Chelsea

Bale – Real – Chelsea

Aubemeyang – Arsenal – Chelsea

Sanchez – Arsenal – Chelsea


Kante might leave Chelsea for Paris Saint

By: Hamish and Giorgio

June 18

How Do Clouds Form?

Why Do Clouds Produce Rain?
Most of the water in clouds are tiny particles too small to see. They are so light the float in the air. Sometimes droplets connect making bigger droplets forming clouds.
What Is The Cycle Of Rain?
Water turns into vapour when it gets hot and as water rises up high in the sky then it cools down and turns into tiny liquid. When too much water is stored in the cloud it lets it out making rain.
Why are Clouds Sometimes Grey?
Clouds are grey because when they weigh too much or they are too thick.
Why Do Clouds Move?
Clouds move because the height they are at the wind is so strong it makes the clouds float and move.

June 6


Kangaroos are a marsupial that are mainly found in Australia.
Diet: The kangaroos diet mainly consists of leaves because they are herbivores.
Lifespan: Larger kangaroo species usually live to about 12-15 years when smaller species eg: The rat kangaroo live to about 5-8 years.
Habitat:Kangaroos are found in Australia and Tasmania, as well as on surrounding islands. Kangaroos live in forests and woodland areas to grassy plains and savannas.
Weight: 0.5 k.g to 9.5
Height:28.4 cm to 165 cm.

May 28

100 word challenge

Once their was a ball that had lots of little spikes. Some people though they were not alive, but one day…. they rampaged though America, until a new defence force was created it was named the ultimate spike ball terminators. As soon as they saw the spiky ball they used their special flame thrower guns. The spiky ball was defeated at last! The special defence force went around the country destroying the nasty creatures forever! They destroyed every last one actually scratch that one remained hiding waiting, waiting for the right moment to strike. “BOW HOW HA HA HA HA HA, BOW HOW HA HA HA HA!”

May 22


Piranhas are a type of freshwater fish and here are some more handy factsImage result for piranhas
Some piranhas occasionally eat small mammals but usually eat fish, insects, crustaceans, worms and carrions which are a type of birds. They are also omnivores which mean they eat both meat and plants.
Piranhas are fresh water fish and are usally found in the amazon basin they can also be found in flooded forests.
Most piranhas grow up to about 30cm big which is about the size of your ruler! But also some have been found to be 80cm big!
Piranhas usually live to about 10 years
The Scientific Name!
The scientific name of the piranha is pygocentrus nattereri

May 16

City vs. Country

I strongly believe the country is better than the city
In the country you have more room to plant a garden in were as the city is so yam pack there is no room to create a garden in
• In the city there is no room to create garden in because I now people like to plant gardens and if they were in the city you would have now I mean how want’s to life in the city.
• 55% of people so they have more room to garden. I have been to the country and there is plenty room for a garden in it.
• There I so much space in the country for a garden and no room in the city

The country helps us a lot because there are so much resources in the country.
In the country there is stuff like eucalyptus and there more bee hives to get honey from
• Also in the country there are a ton of wildlife and wildlife is good for the environment, right?
• 60% of kids want a cool pet and there local pet shop doesn’t have what they want. If you wanted a pet you could just run into the back yard and there you go, a blue tongue lizard

The country is great for people how are elderly because it helps them breath.
• 34% of people are elderly and can’t breath as well as us. Because the country is not as populated as the city so the air is not polluted
• The country is also quieter and it is easy to relax
• The country has less factories so it is less polluted and it is easier to breath.

That is why I believe the country is better than the city

May 16

100 word challenge

Once there was a great wizard who could create magical animals with a wave of his wand. He would send them to his magical forest in Hamisk land. One dark cold day he created a animal so big that his castle broke when it’s head hit the roof. He had to take it Hamisk land with out his magic potions. When he got there the he put on this glasses and studied the animal closely and discovered it was a Griffin!
He had never created a Griffin before. 2 years later…
Finally the wizard had created a new tower and he live with all his animals in Hamisk land.